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African Haze provides a range of products and services, in the areas of the Mine Health and Safety Act, Occupational Health and Safety Act, Environmental Management, Quality Management and Legal compliance, amongst other areas of controllable risk. The services we provide are specific to the companies that we deal with, and include the following:

Risk Assessments

Baseline, Issue Based and Continuous Risk Assessments


Develop and review Standards, Procedures, Policies and Codes of Practice – as per MHSA legal requirements and compliance.


Compliance of Standards, Procedures, Policies and Codes of Practice with FRCP’s (Fatal Risk Control Protocols) and other external legislatio


Feedback to various forums regarding updates, revisions and development of Standards, Procedures, Policies and Codes of Practice.


Manage and coordinate the implementation across the Business Unit of all new and revised Standards, Procedures, Policies and Codes of Practice.


Conduct internal site audits/inspections and facilitate Baseline, Issue Based and Continuous Risk Assessments.


The staff members of African Haze have proven backgrounds in the different risk control, management disciplines and training environment. They have the practical know how, expertise and the understanding of business and industry.

Total Quality Management

African Haze’s reputation, credibility and business success is built on the quality of the work it has delivered in the past to clients.
We are committed to total quality management leadership, aimed at controlling and constantly improving total quality.

AFRICAN HAZE strives to assist clients to be the winners in the industrial world of the future, by helping them to operate their facilities safely, providing quality products cost effectively, and to achieve a harmonious relationship with the environment.

Scope Of Work

African Haze will submit a proposal to the client in respect of:

• Assessing the Governance Documentation (Codes of Practice, Policies, Procedures & Standards)
• Evaluating existing controls.
• Revise and update the Codes of Practice, Policies, Procedures and Standards.
• Present the final product to Management for approval.


The approach would be to facilitate the assessment and do the revision and updating of the entire Company’s Governance Documentation. On completion of the project the Company would be provided with a risk profile for each section / area as per requirement.

Value added benefits

This project will not only provide the client with the required risk profile but should also result in a formal risk base strategy for improving the current management system.
This strategy will not only be specific at operational level but would also result in the overall aims of the Company being satisfied.

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